door-knockRemember, without effective marketing, you have no leads, without qualified leads, you have no business. This being said, one of your most important pillars of successful marketing is direct mail marketing. One key component of the process of successful direct mail marketing ( I refer to 6 components within my NICHE2WEALTH MILLION DOLLAR FORECLOSURE SYSTEM), is getting the list of people in default in your target area and filter that list so you tag those most likely to be qualified candidates to pursue. Among the methods to accomplish this is door knocking.

My suggested method as a practical application differs from the “Mad Men” era of the door knocking sales techniques of the mid last century as I recommend a two step rather than one step come to the door yourself process as I will later detail, but the older still timeless art form of door knocking that must be artfully and gracefully implemented today still applies. Here is how.

Real estate 101 instructs us to well manage our time and implement repeatable systems whenever we can so we can rinse and repeat over and over what works for us. A key ingredient to accomplish this is to effectively outsource the work we can have others do for us including door knocking implementation.

Step one of a successful door knocking campaign in real estate nowadays is to get the prospective candidate to notice you. This effort can and should be outsourced. This is how it can be done:

a. Get the list of people in default & filter it
b. Divide your area of interest in sections for each crew
c. Hire door-knockers, train them on what & how to say, & what to leave behind
d. Plot the routs and provide precise driving directions
e. Supply them with the leave behinds
f. Supervise them and guide them

It is important to reiterate steps (e) and (f) above and to counsel and train your door knockers to be polite, friendly, non-threatening, and engaging should someone in the neighborhood see them or should someone actually come to the door. A simple introduction informing the person at the door that the door knocker works for you and you are very interested in his or her property. Then hand to that person your “left behinds.” All the door knocker needs to do is politely inform them of your strong interest and say and do no more. The less said, the better. That is for you to do. Make that abundantly clear or there may be no prospect to pursue. You must educate your door knocker that people generally are very dismissive of door to door salespeople and to expect, yet politely ignore, any immediate rejection, leaving the “leave behinds” there and wishing that person a good day. To always be respectful and act responsibly no matter what. Never take offense or even be annoyed in return. The rest is then all about your follow up. You will:

*Still need a sales pitch to get you through the door
*Need to elicit questions to solve the prospects problem and to reel them in.
*Complete your initial due diligence and always prepare in advance to be as competent, capable, professional, and helpful as you can be to lay the groundwork and ultimately close the deal

Door knocking remains an effective technique if properly implemented. Make sure your door knockers and you keep all this in mind for your investing success.

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