Best Tips For Building Trust With A Seller

Best Tips For Building Trust With A Seller

Building trust with a seller is very important when you’re looking to close deals.  Chances are the seller may be talking to other real estate professionals to see what their best options are to sell their home.  You want to be sure that you’re able to build solid trust with sellers, so that you’ll have an edge on any competition.

Here are some great ways to build trust with sellers:

  1. Have A Professional Website

A website is like having a brick and mortar store.  Be sure that you have a professional website that clearly defines what services you provide in real estate investing. You want to have a reputable presence online and be able to quickly direct sellers to your site to check it out.  This will give you credibility, which is important when building trust.

  1. Be Trustworthy

If you want to build trust, be someone who is trustworthy. This means that if you say you’re going to do something, follow through with it. Be a man or woman of your word. You provide excellent solutions to homeowners who are in some sort of distress over their home. They want and need to sell it as soon as possible and you’re the person that can help them. You can solve their housing problem. So, meet them with a good heart and good intentions. Treat them like you would your family. Connect with them at the heart level, building rapport every chance you get. You’ll see this will automatically build trust.

  1. Keep An Email List

Be sure that you keep a current email list and send out regular emails to it.  This list may have potential buyers or sellers. Either way, when you send regular emails, they get to know you a little bit over time. They get a chance to hear about what’s going on in your business or what houses you have available to lease or sell.  Stay in touch with your list regularly, as this can certainly help build trust.

  1. Listen

Talking is great, but be sure that you take time to listen to the seller when they want to talk to you about their home or issues surrounding the home.  Have they lost their job?  Don’t just blow it off. Let them talk to you for a few minutes about the jam they’re in. Let them share their feelings if they want. This doesn’t mean you have to fix them. It simply means that you show them empathy by lending an ear. You’d be surprised at how much trust can be built when you genuinely listen to others, providing them a safe space to share.

  1. Smile

Business is serious and should be taken seriously. However, being serious doesn’t mean that you can’t smile and extend a warm, happy attitude.  In fact, I recommend greeting sellers with an enthusiastic and happy attitude every time you converse with them.  Be eager to chat with them. If you’re struggling with something outside of work, leave it outside of work. Maintain a friendly demeanor and talk to the seller like you are talking to an old friend you haven’t seen in a while.  Happiness is important, and it’s oftentimes contagious. As you bring sunshine to a seller’s life, you’ll automatically be helping them trust you more and more.

Trust can be built quickly when you follow these tips and be open to learn along the journey. If you’re a beginner, know that the more you practice, the better you’ll get at reading others and knowing how to engage with them. It’ll simply become second nature.









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