5 Interpersonal Skills All Real Estate Investor Need

 5 Interpersonal Skills All Real Estate Investor Need

Interpersonal skills are essentially people skills.  They’re important for communicating with people in and out of the workplace.  As a real estate investor, you’ll be dealing with all kinds of people.  There’s those that will call you on the phone because they see your marketing ad and want to know more. There’s also those that are motivated to sell their home and agree to sit with you face to face in their home to discuss the details.  And, there’s those who are involved in the real estate process, like the inspector, title company, lawyer, and so on.

In other words, having great interpersonal skills will serve your business well.  The following are 5 interpersonal skills you can cultivate and grow starting today:

  1. Listening is an interpersonal skill and it’s very important in any business. Have you ever been told that you’re not a good listener? How about an excellent listener?  You probably have an idea of what kind of listener you are, and if you know there’s room for improvement, make a conscious effort to become a skilled, active listener.  Go the extra mile and let your clients talk to you about themselves and their housing situation.  They want to feel heard, so be sure to lend an active ear. This goes for your loved ones too.  Aim to be a better listener in all areas of your life, and just watch how things start changing for you – for the better!
  2. Communication. Can you speak confidently? Get your point across well? Do you shy away from people or are you looking to engage them?  Do you put your best foot forward? Make the effort? Communication is an interpersonal skill that you can become better at over time. There are plenty of resources that you can read that will give you tips for improving the way you communicate. You simply have to take the time to learn and practice them.
  3. Negotiation. As a real estate investor, you’re not a stranger to sales. As such, honing your negotiation skills will help your business grow nicely. How are your negotiation skills? If you need some improvement, start learning about the various negotiation tips and techniques that I teach, as well as some other well-known businessmen and women.
  4. Non-Verbal Communication. You can certainly speak with your body language, so start paying attention to what your non-verbal cues are saying.  Do you look people in the eye when you’re speaking with them? Do you sit with your back straight? Head up? Can you relax when you’re communicating with someone or are you antsy? Looking for a quick get-away? Keep tabs on how you interact with others non-verbally, and if you notice you need improvement in an area, make the adjustment.
  5. Problem-Solving. You may not have a lot of problems to solve as a real estate investor, but it doesn’t hurt to have great problem-solving skills.  Are you able to resolve issues without going into panic mode?  Do you have resources you can go to in case you need some assistance? Are you alright with asking for help if you need?  Pausing to get your bearings before responding? Can you help others see the silver lining when things aren’t going as planned?  Problem-solving is an interpersonal skill that will help you with your business, and every other area of your life as well.

How you interact with others is a skill that you can improve, no matter where you are on the interpersonal skills chart. Sometimes it just takes practice and other times it might take a bit of education, a mentor, or both. Do whatever you need to keep improving yours and watch how your growth impacts your real estate business – and life – in a positive way.










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