Facing Your Fears

Facing Your Fears

No matter what your profession is in life, it’s common to wrestle with fear at various times in life. Who hasn’t been overcome by a wave of fear one time or another? That’s common, but consistent fear can paralyze and debilitate you when it doesn’t need to. Fear can cause you to remain locked in a prison cell when in reality, you would love to be free. Fear also stifles growth and creates many other negative emotions.

Of course, there is a good type of fear too – the kind that rises when you are in danger and signals the fight or flight response. The kind that tells you to stop dead in your tracks when a snake is ready to cross the path, or run like the wind when that angry bee is coming at your head. This is not the type of fear I’m referring to in this article.

The kind of fear that keeps people in bondage is the irrational kind of fear. The kind of fear that acts as your enemy or conquers you and keeps you down. Fear is like a tornado that swirls around destroying everything in its path. In no time, all your dreams and “stuff” can be gone and you’re left wondering what in the world just hit you!

As you go through life, fear will try to surface at times- especially if you’re stepping out to do something new. Maybe you’re thinking about starting a new career or having another baby. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about leaving the rat race and beginning your own home-based business. Or, you’re taking on a new role as a real estate investor. Granted, fear may rise, but you have some choices as to what you allow that fear to do. It can motivate you to be proactive or you can allow it to stop you dead in your tracks.

Here are 5 tips to help you face your fears as they surface in any area of your life:

1. Identify the origin of fear

Fear must be identified and conquered to live a life of freedom, joy, peace, and success. If you understand the right tools, this is quite possible. Fear does not want you to reach your potential. It does not care about your goals. Therefore, you must learn how to contend against it.

Have you ever wrestled with severe fear? Have you ever been tormented by fearful thoughts to the extreme that you couldn’t sleep or were crazy anxious all day? Look at the following thoughts:

“I’m afraid I’m going to lose my job, I’m afraid I’ll get cancer and die, this investment is going to do me in, I’m afraid my partner will cheat on or leave me, I’m afraid I’ll fail as a parent, I’m afraid to fail, etc.”

Have you ever had those thoughts come into your mind? Some of those thoughts are common and if you only entertain them for a few seconds and move on, you should be fine. However, if you entertain them in your mind for long periods of time, day after day, fear will begin to get a stronghold on you and eat you alive.

Some people live their lives in quiet desperation filled with fear. You might not know it because they don’t talk about their fears, but inside they are struggling day in and day out. They’re afraid they’ll fail, won’t make it, that they’ll be alone, broke, etc. I’m here to tell you that if you struggle with fear, you can get out from under that madness. You can break free.

2. Face your fear head on

It’s time to face fear head on. It’s time to confront it and learn how to overcome it. Fear is an emotion, and YOU are not your emotions. Separate yourself from fear. There is fear and then there’s you. And YOU, can beat it!

When fear comes, have a conversation with it. Tell it you’re going to be positive and proactive. Tell it you’re not going to let it control your life. Begin to learn ways in which you can face your fear head on, and overcome it.

3. Step out of your comfort zone

Confronting fear means that you will have to step out of your comfort zone. It might not be comfortable, but it is well worth it. Take a few minutes and write down your fears. Think about what kinds of fearful thoughts plague you. Do you fear a break up? Loss of job? Flying? New relationship? Dating? Having no money? Losing money? Making a bad investment? List everything that you can think of.

4. Write positive affirmations

Positive affirmations are basic, but they can help. Now, take those fears and write a positive sentence that reflects no fear. For example, if you fear that you will fail if you begin your own business, write “I am highly capable of beginning my own business. I am confident that I can do it and if any issues arise, I am confident that I can handle them. I have great courage to face any fear that pops up. I can do it!” Write out some affirmations and begin to speak them.

5. Allow courage to rise

Courage is the ability to do something despite fear. Trying something new is bound to bring some anxious thoughts, but be courageous and do it anyway. Look fear in the face and say, “I see you, but I’m walking around (or through) you.”

Educate yourself on whatever it is you’re dealing with. If it’s fear of lack, educate yourself on financial abundance and get busy doing what you learn. If it’s fear of making a bad investment, learn the ins and outs of investing and get yourself a mentor. The key is that there are ways you can foster your confidence and act with courage.

Successful people don’t allow fear to paralyze them. If it pops up, they confront it, and tackle it head on. They learn from the past and commit to educating themselves regularly in the area where fear is arising.

You can too. What are you afraid of now? Write it down and then create a strategy to get through it. If you need help, reach out. There’s no shame in admitting that fear has a grip and you need some assistance.

You deserve a life that is free from the bondage of fear. I hope these tips help you contend with any fear that may pop up in your life, so that you can continue creating a life that you love.

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