heart-500In real estate, as with most other businesses that seek business to fuel their success, where good and effective lead generation is a key ingredient for success, marketing is the engine that drives your business and is also the heartbeat that pumps it. Many have said and it so spot on, real estate investors are not in the real estate business as much as they are real estate marketers in the real estate business. You must have a marketing system in place to handle lead generation and you need leads to have deals. I cannot emphasize enough that marketing is so critically vital in this business. It is the very lifeblood of your success.

It matters not what real estate niche you may be pursuing, whether they are wholesale flips, lease options, rehabs to either fix and flip or to buy and hold, or any other investing avenue of choice, to be successful in real estate, you need to have in place and master a system of lead generation, how to direct leads your way, lead management, how to process, digest, and best utilize those leads that you do generate, and lastly, lead conversion, converting leads to deals. You need to execute and structure these three elements to be and remain effective, successful, and profitable.

Real estate must be treated as a business, not a hobby. Many have said that marketing is a process that takes a lifetime to master. While certainly true that you refine and master your approach and marketing systemization over time, marketing remains the engine that propels your business forward and where and how you can best start and run that engine requires that you take action and do so from the outset.

Always be open to learn from others. There certainly is a lot of “how to market”, “how to have multiple marketing campaigns”, “guerrilla marketing and ninja marketing techniques” and “marketing systems” information available from a veritable cornucopia of sources available to you. Reach out to those more experienced than you. Have and develop a relationship with a mentor, a coach with a proven track record of success to guide and counsel you on marketing and marketing systems. Marketing campaigns need not be an expensive and overwhelming proposition. It all begins with you and emanates from you. It is all about your personal brand. Personal advertising. Websites and squeeze pages, an online presence, Facebook, Linkedin and all other available forms of social media, direct mail, bandit signs, cold calling to predetermined drilled down targets, a lot of face to face and other direct communication and so much more, to name many available approaches to pursue. Always be marketing is a rallying cry, so is network, network, and network some more. You may not have a lot of money. You may not have a lot of available time. There are so many avenues to consider. Choose among hundreds upon hundreds of marketing tactics you may employ to literally explode your real estate business. Just too many to list here.

What is key is to systematize your marketing process, make it employable, repeatable, and concise to laser focus on your most favorable marketing strategies and tactics, so you may leverage the labors of others and determine the very best use of all available resources. Rinse and repeat, time and time again. That is why you must learn from the expertise of others and connect with a mentor who has been there and done that with a proven track record of success you may follow.

To rinse and repeat, you need to know how much marketing you need to secure your financial goals. How many leads to get the deals you need. Tracking your campaigns for maximum effectiveness. Choose multiple campaigns so you are not a one trick pony. Knowing what works for you and what does not. When to tweak, when to make a change in strategy or tactic. Where to best invest available resources. You must have an appreciation for and an understanding of what your marketing is doing for you, track and tweak what you choose to do and how you do it, be accountable for the choices you make, and implement those choices that will generate your most productive results.

Marketing is the engine and the heartbeat for your success. Take action. Smart, effective, well considered, thoughtful, prepared action. Now go out and make it happen.

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