We all know that the life on this planet is not infinite and a sad fact is… all of us have a limited number of hours left but at the same time many ignore that fact! (Before I continue… do a simple math in your head right now… If an average life span is between 75 and 78, how many summers do you have left? Not that many right?!… or let’s just say… not enough of them.) Now don’t get depressed… the goal here is to recognize this fact and change what you’re doing, so you can have more fun and enjoyment every day!

Your goal should be to create a life-style that allows you to do what you love and enjoy, to be with people you love and care about, to do things you always dreamed about doing… and at the end to take a few hours every day to relax and exercise which will hopefully increase the time you stay around.

So how do you get out of that J.O.B. (“Just-Over-Broke”) situation? How do you get to have more free time for yourself, time to enjoy life a little better?

The fact is that most of your time is spent earning a living. So to increase the amount of free time, we just need to decrease the time spent working every day.

This is easier said then done, but it is something that you must continue to try – you must organize your “money making activities” to produce more income with less of your time involvement, with less effort. The best way I know of that allows you to make a lot of money without “killing” yourself is Real Estate Investing.

So, you are reading the right publication, at the right time, so your interests are in the right place… however, you MUST recognize that not every investing approach will put you in a position where you can gain financial security that’s so important today in this insecure world we live in. Most Real Estate Investing approaches will keep you working from one deal to the next, keeping you swapping hours for dollars, and wasting your time on “one-time” deals where you do a lot of work and get paid but get paid “only once”. Sure, at that point you may not have a boss anymore, but what good does that do if you still have to wake up early and work hard every day, and possibly have even more stress now when you own your own business? That’s not the way to do it.So your goal should be to create PASSIVE income!

What is the passive income? The passive income is the income that comes in without you working, such as it is the CASH FLOW from properties you own or control.

You see… based on the questions many asked from beginning investors, I can see that many of you are on the wrong path… most of you are looking for a wholesale deal, or a fix & flip deal. That is definitely a wrong path!

Ask yourself… how much money are you going to make if you stop flipping? The answer is none! You see… what you want is a passive income, not an active income that comes from flipping and stops the minute you stop working.

There’s no leverage and that’s why most “wholesalers” and “fix & flip” investors stay broke, despite the initial successes they may have experienced. It’s not a rocket science, but you need to understand that the only way to create financial freedom is to create PASSIVE INCOME! Do you want money coming in without you needing to work every day for it?

If that’s your goal (which it should be) then your activities have to be directed to that goal. The “Niche2Wealth” investing strategies are designed to produce cash now but also the wealth later, while getting the cash flow along the way. So go out there and generate that passive income!

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