Revive Your Marketing Plan

Revive Your Marketing PlanWhether you had a good or bad year in 2016, you will want to take a moment to pause and analyze your marketing efforts. Were they effective or expensive? Is your network stronger, or about the same as last year?

As real estate investors, many times, our marketing is geared toward making a sale of a property, rather than generating new leads. Gaining new clients and partners through marketing can be done easily, but only if you’re willing to put in the work.

Shore up the future of your real estate investing business with these simple yet effective marketing tips:

Provide Value in News Ways

Think of yourself as an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. Does your real estate investing business have a clear brand, mission, and message? One way to ensure that your prospective audience knows exactly what you stand for, is by starting an online blog or newsletter. Here, you can provide tidbits of expertise to up your credibility, or simply update the community on the current state of the local real estate market.

If you already have a solid communication channel with your audience, it never hurts to reevaluate your strategy. Think of monthly or seasonal themes for all your content to follow, or add something new to your blog, like investing video chats. Be a storyteller.

No matter how you choose to keep in communication with your audience, always remember to create content which, when read, would persuade a client to choose you over your competitors.

Research & Re-Target

Are you fully aware of who your target clients are? In order to market real estate successfully and gain the attention of new, quality leads, you’ve got to do your research.

If you are on social media, you can access tools to determine the demographics of your audience. For those with an extensive database of email addresses, it’s a great idea to design and distribute a survey. This can help you determine the basic wants and needs of your audience when it comes to their real estate decisions, as well as key demographic and financial information. Always assure your audience that their responses and information will be kept secure. Listening to their feedback will give you hints as to what type of content to create this year.

Repeat the research and re-targeting process at least once every quarter. You may be interested to find trends that change or grow more relevant over time – allowing you to change your marketing strategy accordingly.

Stay Top-of-Mind

Many real estate professionals make the mistake of falling completely out of communication with their prospective audience once they’ve filled up their client roster. They are losing out on clients in the present and future, simply because a few months ago, they were “too busy” to update their blog or newsletter. Communicating that your business is here to stay means staying faithful to your schedule as advertised.

Other ways you can stay relevant and recognizable in your community are by attending or speaking at local real estate groups and events, penning a column in your local newspaper, or even offering yourself as a source for journalists in the real estate field.


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