Motivation: Winning the Battle In Your Head

Motivation: Winning the Battle In Your HeadWhen you really come to know the power of motivation, you’ll begin to see your life and business take big turns for the better.  Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned real estate investor, motivation is the energy that can get you from mediocre to exceptional, if you know how to tap into it and use it.

Internal and External Motivation

There are different types of motivation. The two I’d like to discuss are internal and external. Internal motivation comes from inside you, such as your “why.” It’s you doing something just because you enjoy it. External motivation is motivation driven by external rewards like praise or money. It’s more about an external outcome.

A Battle in the Head

Studies show that motivation originates in the head.  The brain will perceive the level of difficulty in a task and act depending on your motivation. If your internal or external motivation is low, you’re less likely to act or make an effort toward performing the task. Of course, the higher your motivation, the more likely you’ll soar through tasks.

Keys To Higher Motivation

As an entrepreneur, you’re more apt to experience success when you’re highly motivated.  The reality is that you’ll simply be more motivated when the reward is something you truly desire.  Do you desire to get more REI deals? Have successful relationships with family and friends? More financial freedom? Surely there are plenty of things you desire, but how to do you remain motivated consistently?

The following are two important keys to consider in doing so:

  • Be Sure Your Goals are Achievable

When you’re setting your goals, be sure they are achievable. If you set the bar too high, you could end up getting frustrated quite easily. Rather, set realistic goals and then create an action plan toward accomplishing those goals. Create bite-sized tasks as well, because you’re more apt to keep your momentum going if you’re accomplishing one small task after another.  If you’re always looking at the bigger picture or your desired result, without celebrating your milestones along the way, you might feel as if you’re never going to get there.

  • Keep Training Your Brain

Another important thing to keep in mind is the fact that you can continually be training and re-training your brain.  For example, it’s better to say, “I feel” than “I am,” because when you say something like, “I am frustrated,” you’re essentially eluding to your identity being that feeling. But your identity is not a feeling.

Rather, when you say, “I feel frustrated,” you’re separating your emotion from your identity, and this will allow your brain to avoid going to the “fight or flight” mode of operation.  And, you want to avoid that kind of brain reaction because when it’s in “fight or flight,” you’re less apt to feel positive motivation, but rather a myriad of negative emotions, including fear.

So, when it comes to motivation, say “I am motivated” rather than, “I feel motivated.” This way, you’re training your brain to automatically be motivated because you’re identifying with motivation as part of your identity.

Motivation is a crucial factor when it comes to accomplishing small and large tasks, so take time regularly to gauge where your motivation levels are at.  What’s going on in your thought processes?  Would you rate your motivation level low or high on a scale of 0-10? What are some things you can do to increase your motivation level internally and externally? Make a list, take some action, and watch how your motivation levels will increase.

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