Jogging to improve business skills

Jog to improve business skillsIt’s long been known that a fit lifestyle promotes self-discipline, lower stress levels and a general feeling of well-being. There’s something for everyone out there, but one sport in particular tends to have a big influence on entrepreneurs and executive business people.

A 2014 study even hinted that physically fit CEOs, including those who ran a marathon at least once per year, were more likely to have more valuable ventures. Seriously fit leaders also scored high in cognitive performance and ability to cope with stress, and tended to enjoy longer careers.

The passion, grit, strength and speed associated with running or jogging are perfect parallels to the skills that make entrepreneurs successful.

If you’re an individual looking to do big things in business and real estate, it might be time for you to start taking running or jogging a bit more seriously.

Read on to learn some of the ways the practice can help you gain charisma and hone your craft.

Solitary Thought

Have you ever been at a loss for words when you really needed to communicate your issues to a colleague or client? Or, struggled for several sleepless nights over a big business decision, nervous and unable to come to a conclusion?

People who work out on a regular basis are typically more confident communicators and decision makers; that’s a fact of life.

Going for a run or jog before you make that important call can help you sort out your thoughts and feel more grounded in your decisions. Besides just giving you time alone in your head, running helps to regulate your physical and mental response to stress by getting the blood flowing, releasing vital hormones and exercising the muscles.

After a run or jog, you will be able to enter any meeting confidently, with nerves shaken and an appropriate response prepared for any objection. And, with time, your physical and mental fitness will begin showing noticeable positive changes.

For bonus points to enjoy throughout your day, schedule your daily jog during the early morning hours, while your competition is asleep. Your body and mind will be awakened and ready for anything!

Going the Distance

Aside from all the health and wellness benefits, staying faithful to a running practice can help you learn to pace yourself – or conversely, push your boundaries – like never before.

Commitment issues and a lack of self-discipline are factors that will almost always result in failure as an entrepreneur. Executing a daily run/jog can help change these personality flaws before it’s too late.

As a sport, running is not for the faint of heart. At first it’s sweaty, hard on the joints, and will have you out of breath. Most people quit after the first mile or two, or as soon as they encounter a hill or obstacle in their path. But, for those willing to endure a little pain, it’s possible to learn new ways to cope and reach new levels of endurance. Your breathing becomes more even, the legs become stronger, and the rhythm becomes smooth and natural.

The same is true of entrepreneurship. Far too many quit at the first sign of discomfort, when they should be pushing through and becoming even stronger.


When you work as an entrepreneur, most of your professional life is spent alone. How does one increase their skills and performance with no one else to compare to?

When you put in the time and hard work, running can teach you things about yourself that the scuffle of climbing the corporate ladder never will. You will find yourself constantly running to beat the clock, and yourself at the same time.

Following a fitness program like running often tends to lead to an obsession with measurement and self-improvement. By consistently striving for greater distances and faster mile times, you’ll develop a focused and determined attitude that carries over into your daily business dealings.

In short, if you’re the type of individual that only excels in competitive situations, start running. You’ll learn there’s really nobody else to compete with but the person you were yesterday.

Whether you’ve never run before, or are still at the novice level of “casual jogger,” there’s always room to expand your practice. A short daily jog will strengthen you and give you time to think, but developing a real training plan will do so much more.

By taking your fitness to the next level and actually training for a race. It doesn’t have to be an Ironman. You can sign up for a local 5K in your area to have fun and test your skills – then move up to the next distance challenge.

Remember that your entrepreneurial journey is a marathon, not a sprint. Practicing dedication to something outside of your business, that you can control, will only increase your prowess as a professional, entrepreneur, or real estate investor.

It really doesn’t have to be running that you choose to help you get your life in order – though your body will certainly thank you for it. Devote yourself to a fitness practice now and reap the benefits of being a well-rounded and focused CEO of your own life.

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