Does Having a Millionaire Mindset Matter

Does Having a Millionaire Mindset MatterI agree with people that say money isn’t everything, because I think we all know at least one wealthy person who is miserable. However, money does matter, having money to live is essential in the day and age in which we live.

But does the amount of money matter? Maybe or maybe not, but if given a choice, most people would opt to have a LOT of money over just a little bit, right? The reason is that money affords us choices in life and some security. You can breathe easier when you know you’ve got a rainy day fund socked away either in investments or cash – or at least you “should” breathe easier.

Does a millionaire mindset matter?

I know plenty of people aiming to be a millionaire for one reason or another. For some, maybe it’s status, and for others, it’s security or a chance to retire early. Regardless, if you want to be a millionaire, does mindset matter?


Energy (and this includes money) goes where attention flows. Ask millionaires about their mindset or their thoughts. They’re not sitting around thinking about what they are lacking. They’re not sitting around whining about their debt, mistakes, or fears. Rather, they’ve cultivated a mindset of affluence. They spend 20-30 hours a month thinking about and executing financial strategies. Compare this to the person who is struggling financially, who might spend a couple of hours a month paying their bills and not doing much else in regards to their financial status.

Achieving financial independence

Becoming a millionaire is more about achieving financial independence than actually accumulating a certain amount of money. For example, if Sam down the street considers himself a millionaire because he has a million dollars’ worth of “stuff,” yet he’s up to his ears in debt, he’s not financially free or independent. He becomes a slave to that debt.

However, if Sam has mastered having a millionaire mindset and his net worth is over a million dollars, he’s more likely to be financially independent. He’s more likely to have strategized over time just how he can free his time up by saving and investing his money wisely.

How to develop a millionaire mindset

Again, the types of thoughts going on in your head consistently matter. If you want to become financially independent, pay attention to what you’re thinking. Are you focused on gaining wealth? Are you confident that you can achieve success? Are you daydreaming about the kind of lifestyle you desire? Even if your goal isn’t to become a millionaire, at the very least, you’re after some sort of success in however you define success.

Consider the following tips to develop the mindset of a millionaire:

1.  Get clear on what you want

Focus on what it is you want. If you want to be worth a million dollars, start thinking about this often. Picture what that looks like to you in your head. Does this mean you’re retired and relaxing by a pool somewhere? Does this mean you’ve started that new business and are killing it? Or getting into the real estate investment industry? Start to think thoughts about these things and entertain those thoughts often. Visualize them and see it happening!

2.  Educate yourself

Become the kind of person that loves to learn tips, tricks, techniques, and strategies for success. Make a “must read” book list by some of the most successful people and model their thoughts and behavior.

A great start is the book, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. This classic book is a best-seller, read by millions of people who understand the importance of a mindset when it comes to getting what you desire. Take some time regularly to learn success strategies finance-wise and apply them to your life. Gaining wealth doesn’t normally happen overnight, so be sure to be consistent with your mindset and action steps.

Another book that I recommend is my book, “How To Invest In Real Estate Without Banks, Credit Checks, or Cash,” available for a limited time for FREE if you >> click here <<. This book exposes one of the most profitable investing strategies existing today. It shows you how to build passive income, without using your credit or your savings; AND without fixing houses or dealing with tenants! How would your life be different if you had passive income coming in every month? This book is a must-read, as it reveals the strategy unknown to general investing community and it also provides real examples of real people, real deals, and real successes.

3.  Take action every day

You’ve probably heard the popular saying, “If you believe it, you can achieve it.” This is true, but you’re probably not going to get far if you don’t take consistent action. It’s one thing to embrace a millionaire mindset, but it’s another to do what it takes to manifest that mindset into a lifestyle. Therefore, create strategies in your life that are known for getting people from Point A to Point B. It’s not rocket science, but it does take time, discipline, motivation, and consistency.

As you aim for financial success, no matter what the dollar amount is, take note of your mindset and make adjustments as necessary. You’d be surprised at just how influential your mindset can be in the financial realm, as well as every other area of your life.

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