Avoiding Life's Curve Balls

Avoiding Life's Curve BallsI recently wrote how chasing the latest shiny buttons and suffering from paralysis by analysis can and likely will derail an investor’s real estate business if allowed unchecked. Investors that remain clueless or unaware of either are the most likely at risk. Dealing with the curve balls and the fastballs of life can be as damaging and often are. How real estate investors deal with the uncertainties that can and do occur in real estate no matter the niche or chosen path, the unexpected chaos and unpredictability that often occurs with every transaction, deal, or circumstance, the curve balls and fastballs that come their way, are often the difference between success and failure.

There are well tried and true ways to handle those curve balls and fastballs as they come your way. To best deal with uncertainty is to embrace the chaos rather than fear it or be overwhelmed by it.

Just recognize circumstances may occur unpredictably, be uncertain, not fathomable, or just not easily understood. Think “shades of gray, not black and white”. They may happen in an instant, seemingly at unexpected speed. So fast, you feel you cannot get a handle on it or keep up with it. Chaos causes stress, anxiety, fear, tension, a sense of overwhelming confusion, even abject helplessness. It can be absolutely paralyzing.

So how do you embrace chaos? First and foremost, focus on everything you can control and while you must remain cognizant of all those things that remain beyond your control, never overthink or worry about what you cannot control. With every circumstance, there will be factors you can control and those you cannot control. Focus on those that you can control. As to those you cannot control, break them down into those you may be able to influence in some manner, mode, or form, prioritize them in importance and focus on them as well. As to those you cannot influence, recognize them and just move on. More about moving on in a moment.

You take control by planning what you can, replacing expectations with sound, well considered planning, setting realistic goals, carefully allocating available resources, being both flexible and adaptable, always being imaginative, creative, and open minded. Take circumstances one step at a time, always armed with a back-up plan. Plan your exit strategies and prepare for different possibilities and outcomes. Be cognizant of your strengths and weaknesses with the confidence to proceed. Maximize your coping and adaptive skills. Avoid distractions. Focus on what matters. Prioritize what matters. Know perfection is never attainable, don’t seek it, don’t dwell on it. Do not act on emotion but act with focused passion. Trust your gut. Do not over analyze.  Do not over plan and do not over compensate.

Moving on is moving forward. Moving forward is taking action. Drill down. Dig deep. Stay in focus and stay in control. Having and maintaining a sense of calmness of purpose and acceptance, to live your life as best you can, allows for a purposeful and directed sense of peace, take action, and move forward. Accept uncertainty as part of life and learn to deal with it. Rely on others. Always have a mentor.

Embrace the chaos by becoming tuned to uncertainty, not overwhelmed by it. Learn from failure. When you err, when you mess up, learn from it, never let that experience throw you, never deem it a failure, but a lesson learned. Be adaptable. Go with the flow. Know when to breathe deeply. Stay calm. Stay in the present, stay in control, always focused.

Always know, in the final analysis, uncertainty need not be considered a bad thing. Celebrate it. Do not fear it. It can fuel your passion and your success by teaching you to thrive in the face of chaos. Enjoy life. Doing that will foster peaceful growth and contribute to a more successful, vibrant, and fruitful life.


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