Afraid of a Real Estate Bubble? Invest Anyway

Afraid of a Real Estate Bubble? Invest AnywayIf you’re like me, you’ve probably been hearing for years how the market is going to have a correction or crash within the next year or so.  I’ve been hearing this for over five years, with the media coming out with bubble bust predictions regularly.

If you’re interested in real estate investing, yet you’ve heard that you should wait until after the next correction, you’ve probably been waiting for years now.  People have been “waiting” for the next market crash for one, two, four, or six years now. They’re all caught up in “the market’s going to crash” mentality, keeping them from getting into real estate investing at all.

No one knows for sure

The market may suffer a correction at some point, but no one can point to a specific time frame. The experts have their opinions, and you can look at history to gain some insight, but the reality is that a correction may not occur for another five, eight, or ten years.  So, do you sit on the sidelines year after year, missing out on opportunity to grow your wealth via property investments?

You can if you want, but if you want to get in the game, I say go for it. Do I ever think about a bubble burst? Sure, I do, but I don’t let fear hinder me from growing my investment portfolio. I align myself with wisdom, of course, and I also know the value of holding onto real estate for the long haul – even after a correction occurs.

Unlimited Funding Program

I also know the value in investing using My Unlimited Funding method, where your money isn’t tied into the investment.  Your name isn’t even on the loan; as the loan stays in the seller’s name, while you use my methods to secure a new buyer, and pocket a sizeable amount of cash in the process.

That’s smart investing, regardless of what the market does.

Get established now

Become a real estate investor now, before there is a correction.  Become an expert in an investing niche that you’re passionate about now, so if and when there is a correction, you’ll be a key player in the real estate game. People will know about you and want to consult with you when it comes to buying, selling, or keeping their own investments. Do your part now to establish a reputation as an expert investor who walks with wisdom and integrity. Bet and believe people will notice and remember you.

What if you are the one who can say, “Yes, I have lost a bit of equity in the crash, but you know what? I’m still getting more than 10 percent cash on cash return each month and now I’m intent on getting over 20 percent. I’ve got experience on my side and this bubble burst is a great opportunity for me to put the pedal to the metal when it comes to future investments.”

What if you can entertain that sort of mentality, instead of a doom and gloom mentality?  I assure you, it makes a difference.

Use wisdom

This being said, I want you to use wisdom. I’m not saying go and invest all you have into real estate. By all means, set yourself up with a solid, diversified portfolio.  Putting all your eggs in one basket is not the wisest decision you can make. But don’t throw the baby out with the bath water either. You can embrace a conservative formula and stick to that consistently, regardless of what the media is throwing at you with “bubble burst” headlines.

This has worked for me, as well as many others, and I believe it can work for you too.

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