personalityHow much does a personality affect one’s ability to do business? Is one personality type better suited for a particular profession than another? Here is how personality can help or hurt a person when it comes to conducting business.

Introverted or Extroverted?

There is no advantage to having one personality style over the other. The two personality types are best suited for different types of professions. A highly interactive, extroverted personality may require a position in which they can have significant interaction with customers or employees. A person comfortable with spending hours in front of a PC without having to engage with others frequently may be ideal for a technology or accounting role that requires little interaction. A person performing in a technical role may be more comfortable working with people in a client-facing or troubleshooting role.

A Warm Personality in Establishing a Rapport

A person with a warm personality may find it easier to connect with prospective clients. This personality would work well for those working in the sales profession. If a person has the ability to establish a rapport quickly with a prospect, they are more likely to close the deal. While the sales professional can close a deal with a solid presentation alone, they are that much more likely to close the deal if a rapport has been established beforehand.

Sensors vs. Intuitive

A sensor approaches a problem by implementing incremental improvements to accomplish a particular goal. An intuitive is more likely to opt for a complete overhaul of a system or building a new one altogether. A sensor relies on all senses to understand their environment. An intuitive person works with abstract thoughts and concepts to form an opinion of the environment. Intuitive personalities are forward-thinking and capable of anticipating problems while the sensor devotes more of their time to making improvements within the system. Both personality types are equally as valuable depending on how the individual is put to use within an organization. As an entrepreneur, a consultant may be more inclined to operate in the sensor realm while an intuitive would be more likely to invent or create solutions.

Personality vs. Emotional Intelligence

Personality and emotional intelligence are two different concepts. One person may have an engaging personality but could lack judgment when it comes to decision making. Impulsivity and lack of clarity can lead to poor decision making practices. A person with a higher level of emotional intelligence may be much better at problem solving and change management even if they don’t have the most engaging personality. A person with a great personality does not guarantee that they will have the right level of emotional intelligence to tackle major problems.

Introverted personalities may be better suited for certain types of positions while extroverts would perform best in certain roles. A warmer personality could be more helpful in establishing a rapport with prospects and increase chances of making the sale. A sensor person may be good at spearheading efforts focusing on in implementing incremental changes while an intuitive may be most effective in creating new products or solutions. In addition to personality, emotional intelligence can play a significant role in how effective a person can be.

Personality can really affect a person’s approach to business and how they choose to conduct business.

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