Top Reasons the Niche2Wealth Business Model Works

Top Reasons the Niche2Wealth Business Model WorksWhen you desire to gain wealth via real estate investing, I truly believe that my Niche2Wealth business model is the best model out there. The reason I can back this claim up is that so many people have built wealth using this exact model.  Sure, there are other systems and strategies out there, and some of them help investors build wealth too, but if you’re looking to profit large amounts of money quickly, the Niche2Wealth model is the best route.

Granted, I’m not saying that this is a ‘get rich quick’ kind of deal.  And, it’s not a piece of cake either, as it takes discipline and work just like any career.  However, it doesn’t have to take you 25 or 30 years of toiling away to become financially free.  And, it doesn’t use up all your cash reserves either!

The following are a few of the top reasons the Niche2Wealth model is a successful model:

  1. You don’t need vast amounts of cash

When you use my Unlimited Funding Strategy, you don’t need to use all your cash reserves or even your credit to purchase investment properties. This means you get to skip going to the banks asking for a loan, as I teach the best ways to bypass banks and still purchase real estate. Also, you don’t need vast sums of money for a down payment either, which leaves you the option to buy more and more properties without draining your savings.

  1. You can purchase homes regardless of what the economy is like

Even if the economy is lagging, you can still purchase homes because there are always motivated sellers who get behind on their payments and may be headed toward foreclosure.  Using the Niche2Wealth business model, you are able to target those motivated sellers and potentially buy their home at a nicely discounted rate.

  1. Better interest rate

Because you’re purchasing the home ‘Subject To’ the existing loan, chances are the interest rate is lower than what you’d get if you were to take a loan out. This is great because you get a higher cash flow right away, ultimately creating more money for your pocket.

  1. The ability to offer a lease purchase

Because the financing is already in place, you’ll attract plenty of buyers who are interested in a lease-purchase deal.

  1. More profit

Ultimately, you’ll benefit by gaining a higher profit than those investors who are not offering a lease purchase option, because you’ll be able to charge a higher interest rate and finance points.

  1. Automated marketing platform

When you learn the Niche2Wealth model, you’ll learn how to automate your marketing platform, which will undoubtedly help you time-wise. And, as you know, having more free time is something we all enjoy!

  1. You’ve got nothing to lose

Once you assume the loan and get lease-to-purchase tenants in the home, even if they back out of buying the house, you’re not missing anything. You’ve got their down payment as cash in your pocket, and you’ve had cash flow. You merely turn around and offer the home to other tenants as lease purchase and keep the cash flow going. It’s a win-win situation for sure.

Join the thousands of students from around the world that have benefitted by learning and implementing my Niche2Wealth business model for buying real estate. I’ve made it my aim to furnish all the information you need to build the kind of business that creates wealth and freedom for those willing to take the leap and jump on in.

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