Sometimes Saying No Can Improve Your Life

Sometimes Saying No Can Improve Your Life

For many people, saying “no” doesn’t come easy – especially for those who tend to be good problem solvers. Now, as real estate investors and entrepreneurs, we tend to hear people say “no” at times, right? That’s just part of being in the service niche, but if you’re not careful, you can swing off balance to counteract those “no’s” with saying “yes” so much that it may actually hinder you.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that you should say “no” all the time when people come to you for something. However, I am saying that it’s not a bad idea to exercise your “saying no” muscle so that you’re in balance. I mean, how many times have you said “yes” to something, but really had no desire to actually do that something? I understand that there are times we should do things for others even when we aren’t really keen on helping, but my point is to really check in with yourself and practice balance.

Saying “Yes” to Motivated Sellers

When you’re on an appointment with motivated sellers, I understand that it’s exciting. You truly want to help the seller out of their housing issue and at the same time, get a great price deal on the home. I also understand that it’s easy to say “yes” to things that the seller wants without really thinking about those things. It’s easy to let your excitement cloud your judgment and agree to things that aren’t in your best interest.

See, once you agree to something, it’s challenging to come back and change your mind. It doesn’t look good and ultimately hurts your credibility, which is something you’re probably working hard to improve and maintain.

The Powerful Aspect of Saying “No”

Being able to say “no” can be powerful because when you take the time to check-in with yourself and stay aligned, ultimately you increase your productivity and your free time. And, that free time you can use for your business, family, vacations, etc. and decrease the level of stress in your life.

Make a “Not-to-do” List

If you feel you’ve been taking on too much lately, commit to becoming more balanced in this area. Start off with making a “not-to-do” list or write down those things that you should start saying “no” to. What are those things you’re currently doing that you don’t really need to be doing? Write them down and then cut down on doing those things or cut them out completely.

Now, it might feel a bit uncomfortable saying “no” at times, but just like building muscles, it takes time and practice to meet your goals. Having boundaries around your time, energy, and money is perfectly acceptable. You may run into others who feel slighted if you tell them no, but don’t take it personally. Practicing self-care is necessary.

If it’s a motivated seller that you’re saying “no” to, you could just say something like, “I’m sorry, sir, but that’s just not something I can commit to right now” or “I’m sorry, but it looks like your house does not fit the criteria.” Keep it straight forward and deliver the “noes” in a gentle, yet firm way.

Feel free to honor your wants and needs business-wise and personally. Remember that practicing self-care is important and you’re the one who gets to decide what you take on. Sometimes saying “no” can really improve your life, so check in with yourself before you make new commitments and don’t be afraid to give a simple, “No, thank you.”




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