Qualities of Good Salesperson

Qualities of a Good SalespersonSince you are interested in real estate investing, it makes sense to assume that you are someone who enjoys a challenge, and has a particular penchant for doing business with others. Though, in order to really succeed in this, field, you’ll also need to become a stellar salesperson.

Is being a strong salesperson a skill that one can be born with? Or is it something cultivated over time? The answer is more complicated than that. Closing a sale requires an entire sequence of successful impressions, conversations and actions that eventually result in some version of the desired value exchange.

There are several personality traits that can be of great assistance in a sales-oriented career. Whether or not you were born with these qualities, you can do your best to learn and practice your personality skills, to help support optimal returns on your deals investments.


The first step in connecting with your prospect is by finding common ground with them. Whether it’s by giving him or her a compliment on choice of book or clothing, expressing interest in information they’ve offered up in conversation, it’s your job to be a master of observation.

The need to watch and listen closely applies at all times – not just when you are in the process of engaging a prospect. Being observant of situations around you can help you to learn more about the way people think. Practice it often enough, and it can even turn into a lead generation tool for you. A truly observant real estate investor can spot a buyer or fellow investor quite easily!


There’s really no question; if you approach potential clients in a hasty, rude or otherwise sour manner, your likelihood of closing the sale diminishes within seconds. Making that perfect first impression is a skill that takes experience to develop – every investor has gone into a situation completely tongue-tied at least once in their life, and lived to tell the tale, because they were amicable and real with their prospect.

Being overtly polite, friendly, and having an inviting smile all convey a relaxed confidence that you know what you are doing. A friendly disposition helps to build immediate trust with your prospect, creating positive feedback loops that they will remember when it comes time for you to close the deal.


Building up your skills in persuasive speaking and writing will definitely be a challenge. You can learn a lot about persuasion by observing others, but when it comes down to it you’ll need to pick up some reading on the subject, and maybe even a video or audio course to really help you nail down the body language and transitional phrases that master sales professionals use to create results for their business.

There are plenty of theories and techniques out there for becoming a more persuasive communicator, documented in countless books, articles, video and audio courses developed specifically for salespeople. However, you can best practice your persuasiveness by becoming a better listener in all situations. Notice the ways in which people make their beliefs and values known to you – then use that common ground to make a persuasive case for your offer.


In order to really impress your prospective clients and buyers as a real estate investor, you must become that person who is always ready with an interesting statistic, anecdote or example to validate your sales conversations and put you. This requires doing your homework when it comes to the real estate market, and keeping your mind sharp with regular “exercise.”

A few fun and easy ways to practice are keeping a daily journal and completing math and logic puzzles on your down time. Or, you can even try learning a new language – this is great for perking up your brain, and may eventually lead to exotic new business opportunities, depending on your fluency.


As a business skill, confidence is tough to quantify. You can certainly sense it when you are talking to a seasoned entrepreneur or experienced mentor in your field. Confident sales people stand out in a crowd and make meaningful connections with everyone they communicate with.

Portraying the right type of confidence is also extremely important when it comes to dealing in real estate. Coming across as downright arrogant or brash may dazzle a few clients at first, but in the long run you may turn people off doing repeat business with you.

To increase your level of confidence, you can make a few lifestyle changes. First, build up your ideal business wardrobe so that you can dress in a professional manner while maintaining your creative personal style.

When we talk about the “millionaire mind,” we’re talking about so many subtle skills and traits, many of which take a lifetime to develop. Every experience you have in the real estate industry, whether success or failure, is shaping you as a human being, and facilitating your growth and success as an entrepreneur.

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