Do you believe in success or failureHave you ever thought WHY some investors become successful right away, and some never get a single deal? Over the last few years, I’ve helped a lot of investors create very successful businesses, and I can tell you their own attitude determines their success. Let me explain.

Most people don’t have a problem thinking success but do have a problem believing that they can accomplish what they are thinking about doing. For example, many real estate investors will say they want to make a million dollars but do not have the core belief that they can actually accomplish this.

Believe it or not, the vast majority of people are convinced, through conditioning, that everything they do won’t work out. They have a belief system that they will fail. So, they are thinking about failing before they even start! Think about yourself, do you believe in success or you are having a lot of doubt and maybe can see the failure instead?!!

It’s important to keep in mind that all your thoughts, beliefs and feelings make up your influences that create your behaviors, and your behaviors bring forth results. The thoughts, beliefs and feeling make up our mindset and this will determine our success in new ventures.

If you seriously look at your past and you will see much of your results were based on your beliefs system or mindset. Change your beliefs and you will expand your limitations in your life. Simply put, if you develop a millionaire “mindset,” you will then become a millionaire!

For example, let’s say you want to start your real estate business and believe this venture is going to be a super success. Now, let’s suppose you’ve invested $50,000 in your business and another $5,000 in a marketing campaign to launch your business. You’re now ready for motivated sellers to call you, but after a couple weeks or so, you find that you are not getting as many calls as you thought you should get and you don’t have as many leads for your business as you expected. Your belief may have now dwindled from one of success to one of thinking you may have made a serious mistake. This is closely followed by thinking that you are going to lose a sizable amount of money and if it doesn’t work what will others think of me losing everything. Before long, you may develop a new belief that your business is going to fail. In other words, you have chosen a path of failure instead of success. Many new real estate investors fall in that trap before they get their first deal! Obviously, after the first few deals it’s easier to see yourself succeeding. However, the belief that will get you to your first real estate investment is therefore the most important one.

So how do you change a belief that’s not working for you? Do you simply set a goal to have something different or listen to someone’s program to stay motivated? The answer to all these questions is no. All the above are just a cover-up for reality. They are short-term patch-work solutions that have no lasting effect and will not change a belief.

The key is it starts with a desire to change. I know most have a desire, but they never take action. For example, a person decides to go to a seminar and thinks this is the one for them to become wealthy. Excitedly, they totally engage themselves in the weekend experience. They get all the information they need to finally become successful. They head home ready to take action on Monday morning. But on Monday morning they do nothing. They wait for the right time, the right circumstances, the right person to come along, etc. And after a few days they are right back where they were before they attended the big weekend event, thinking there must have been something they missed. They must need more information. So, they start looking for the next greatest event or seminar. To be successful you don’t have to know everything, you just have to get it going.

So how do you change that belief? Changing a belief starts with a desire to change backed by a firm decision to change. If you want to be wealthy you must decide to be wealthy, one that doesn’t allow for anything less. You can’t decide to be wealthy and be static at the same time. You can only make one decision, either wealth or to stay static. People who are mediocre money earners decide to be mediocre. People who become wealthy decide to become wealthy. To change you must bring it back to the present so that you change your present state of mind. A decision changes your mindset. It changes you and you start to know and not just hope.

I think that most investors are taking success much too seriously, and working much too hard at it. The fact is that someone, somewhere along the way has convinced us that if something is going to be worthwhile, it’s going to require a lot of hard work and you must get serious about it. That type of outdated belief is what stands in our way more than anything else. Success should be fun not a struggle! Simply get good at making firm decisions and then stop making everything such a complicated intellectual process. It’s simple… market, go on appointments, get a few signatures and cash a few big checks. Then repeat the process!

In my life, when I realized that the corporate career is not going to get me where I want to go, I set myself to real estate investing. It was decision I made. Then every book I read or tape I listened to, I was seeing myself doing it and getting successful with it. Maybe it was because I didn’t see any other way, so the success was the only option. Think about it, maybe you too can realize that your life will never be what you dreamed about and what you want it to be unless you succeed. If so, the success is the only option for you too!! There’s no possibility of failure because the only option for you to have the life you want is the success. So, go ahead and get it… get it now! (I’ll help you!)

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