Learn the Art of Persuasion

Learn the Art of PersuasionHave you ever been persuaded to buy something you didn’t really want? Maybe that salesperson had ninja persuasion skills, and before you knew it, you were whipping out your cash to get the “next best thing”. Those that have cultivated the ability to persuade others tend to get more of their desires in life. They’ve learned the tips and tricks of being persuasive in a way that earns them respect and favor.

The power of persuasion can be used effectively when dealing with anyone, including your clients, friends, partner, children, and so on. Today, let’s look at how you can increase your power of persuasion for your professional and personal life.

The Benefits of Being Highly Persuasive

Do you know why salespeople get paid? They’ve mastered the art of persuading people. They know the benefits of being persuasive and it pays off for them – and their employer! Now you don’t have to be a salesperson to benefit from learning persuasiveness skills. Anyone can benefit from becoming familiar with the art of persuasion.

Think about potential clients. You can effectively learn how to market yourself and use persuasive language to get the kind of deals you’re after. Or what about your spouse? You’ve been wanting to go on that vacation in Bali for months now, so what if you could subtly persuade them into going?

Yes, persuasion certainly has its benefits. It can help you become a better leader and set you apart from your competition. This is very helpful if you are seeking to excel and seal more deals. You can also achieve a higher rate of success in life, create needed credibility for getting ahead, and avoid arguments before they even happen.

Empathize and Connect

If you want to be persuasive, people have to know that you genuinely care. This is why you must empathize with them. Let them know you’ve been in their shoes, that you care, and that you have the perfect solution for them. Try your best to feel what they may be feeling and see from their perspective. If you act like a know it all, it might turn them off. Be respectful and helpful. You want others to get a sense that you want the best for them (and you do), but you also want what is best for you.

Set Boundaries and Be Consistent

Know what you want and set boundaries. Take some time to formulate several valuable points and confidently put them on the table. Try not to use open-ended statements, but rather closed-ended statements. For example, don’t say, “Can I call you tomorrow to get your decision?” Rather, say, “I will call you tomorrow to get your decision.” By setting boundaries for yourself and others, you are more likely to have favorable results.

Back Up Your Claims and Be Passionate

They say the proof is in the pudding, so be sure you have the numbers and/or testimonies to back up your claims. If you’ve helped a dozen other homeowners avoid foreclosure, proudly speak about it. Let others know that you know what you are talking about and how passionate you are. Sometimes, passion alone can be persuasive!


The art of persuasion doesn’t come fully developed when you are born, but you can learn and master the art with some time and effort. You do not have to walk through life feeling weak or defeated. If people have been neglecting your desires or treating you unfairly, it’s time to draw a line in the sand and become confident. Know what you want and then learn some persuasive tools for getting your desires. There are all sorts of books and websites devoted to helping you learn and master the art of persuasion, including #5 on this list of books I’ve recommended in the past. Take some time daily to read through some of them and before you know it, you will have enhanced your persuasion power significantly.

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