How to Find Your Passion and Do It

How to Find Your Passion and Do ItAre you trying to find what ignites your fire or what is your passion in life? Maybe you used to have passion, but have since lost it along life’s journey. In this case, it will benefit you to do some deep introspection and discover what kinds of things you truly enjoy doing in life, and then do them!

When you tap into the true passions in your life, life will no longer feel like such a chore and you’ll see a marked improvement in your attitude and the way you view life. Loving life and living it to the full is possible by discovering your true passions.

Let’s look at some ways you can get clear about your passions.

Your talents

When thinking about your passions, consider your talents. All of us are gifted with some talent or skill set that we’re gifted in. It need not be something that you are exceptionally good at, but rather something that you enjoy doing and that makes you happy. When you’re doing this activity, you probably lose track of time because it just feels good to do it.

For instance, you get lost in time when you are among your plants in the garden and before you know it, two hours have passed. Or you love reading books because they make you feel so alive inside.  Perhaps you love writing poetry or painting or cooking. Or maybe (as many of my students) you love the idea of running your own business. You’re passionate about creating your own financial future.

Now, once you discover your largest passion, ask yourself whether you can make a career out of it.

Enjoying New Experiences

Don’t cocoon yourself in your comfort zone all the time. Try to venture out into new experiences. This way, you will have more opportunity to discover your passions in life. Sometimes, something that seems quite dull and unattractive could end up being an exciting activity. Your friend could invite you to a trade show and you might fall in love with the idea of building custom cabinets. Or, your cousin invites you to a seminar on flipping homes, and the idea of taking a home, fixing it up, and selling it absolutely thrills you. The point is that trying new things can open doors to new adventures and passions.


Ask yourself and those around you questions. You can learn a lot about yourself by asking the right questions.  Ask others what they see in you regarding your gifts or skills. What do they see you being passionate about?  Make a list of those things that bring up deep feelings in you and start sifting through them. Get a feel for them, and how you might move forward doing something with them.

Facing Fears

Fear is a negative emotion and might try to stand in the way of finding your true passion in life. Sometimes people refuse to follow their dreams and passions in life, as they fear failure. It might be something that they truly care about, but are afraid to pursue. Confront your fears to find your true passion. Dig deep into yourself. You can conquer any fear with the right perspective and insights.

Somewhere deep within you there is passion just waiting to be unleashed.  It is up to you to dig deep and find it, cultivate it, and move forward engaging with it.  It may be a hobby or you might turn it into a career. Either way, as long as you are doing what makes you feel happy, life feels good.

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