How to Build Mental Strength

How to Build Mental StrengthYou’ve probably thought about building your physical strength before, but what about your mental strength? Your mind power? Do you know that you can build yourself up emotionally and mentally? Just as it there are physical exercises you can do to build bodily strength, there are ways to become mentally strong too.

Building mental muscle

Mental toughness matters whether you face stressful situations or not. Life can certainly throw obstacles and situations your way that can take you for an emotional loop if you’re not mentally strong. Whether that’s facing a setback, relationship breakup, or some other disheartening scenario, having a sharp mind that can endure the challenging times matters.

Here are some practical things you can do to build your mental strength:

  • Strengthen your inner monologue. Researchers say that we think about 70,000 thoughts per day. We’re always mentally talking to ourselves, so there’s plenty of opportunities to build mental muscles using positive thoughts.

Out of those 70,000 thoughts, how many are positive? People tend to gravitate toward negative thoughts, so it’s important to start monitoring the thoughts that are running through your mind. Are they more like, “I’ll never be as successful as I want” or “I’m really making progress”? See, you might not be able to eliminate all negative thoughts, but you can purposefully change the majority of negative to positives, and as you do, you’re building mental strength.

  • Gain more control of emotions. As you think more positive thoughts, you’ll notice that your emotions are more positive too. Some people feel powerless to control their feelings, but the reality is that you can build your mental strength and in turn, this will strengthen your ability to manage emotions.

If you’re struggling with negative emotions like anxiety, depression, frustration, anger, etc., get quiet with yourself and do a little digging. What thought patterns are going on that are making you feel that way? Are there some unhealed wounds from the past that you’ve never really dealt with? Are you self-medicating? Repressing? Stuffing your feelings?

As mentioned previously, building up your mental strength will help you experience less negative emotions and better able to deal with them if they do arise. Emotions aren’t bad. They’re merely energy moving about your body, tapping you on the shoulder to alert you to something. Face your emotions and allow them to speak to you. See what’s going on under the surface, and as you do this consistently, you’ll become emotionally and mentally stronger.

  • Watch your words. Along with thoughts, the words you speak will impact you and others. Monitor your thoughts and words. Are they more positive or negative? If you find yourself complaining or feeling bad about yourself, do an “about face.” Re-train your brain to think and speak positively, as you can re-wire your brain so-to-speak to become mentally strong.

Become mentally tough

You can become mentally tough with practice and consistency. This is what separates the average from the extraordinary. Being mentally tough can take you from mediocre to the expert everyone is trying to learn from. Or from being comfortable financially to being financially independent without a money care in the world. But it takes motivation, positivity, emotional intelligence, and consistency and the good news is that you can learn how to acquire all those traits. Go ahead and reach for new heights while building your mental strength day in and day out.

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