abundance mindset

abundance mindsetNearly everyone out there desires wealth, and the lifestyle that comes with it. However, so many try to skip the most important piece of the puzzle: developing the proper psychology.

In order to become a millionaire someday, you’ve got to start thinking like one, immediately!

Common knowledge among the spiritually conscious entrepreneur set, the success factors associated with the “abundance mindset” are linked to the theory that our thoughts and attitudes influence our reality.

Many of your favorite influencers in the business community likely ascribe to this philosophy of thinking and living with gratitude, thereby seeming to attract even more wealth in a shorter time period. By learning to espouse this ideology yourself, you can save hundreds of dollars’ and dozens of hours’ worth of life coaching services.

If you’ve already tried struggling against the current to grow your business, relationships, and self-confidence, then you know it doesn’t work. Wins often come to us rather serendipitously during times when we are most at ease and prepared to do our best work. This is the flow of abundance at work.

The circumstances and events of your life reflect the outlook you keep day after day. When your mindset is one of abundance and positivity, only good things can follow for your business and wealth strategy.

Practicing the following can help re-tune your frequency to a more positive and abundant level:


The very first secret to gaining the mindset of a millionaire isn’t to chase more money. It’s to be grateful for the wealth you already have.

All of us start out with the same potential to grow our wealth. The problem for most of us is getting distracted by our desire to live a certain lifestyle; purchase material things, eat out at restaurants, go to lots of nightclubs and concerts, or perhaps buy the newest edition of your favorite vehicle.

These luxuries may make you feel “rich” in the short term, but in actuality, they are holding you back. You could easily be strategizing ways to double your income rather than waste the time you spend obsessing over the next thing you’re going to buy.

When you stop to realize what, you have, and be truly grateful for it, you find that you can move forward with far less wants. Those material hang-ups you used to spend money on become less relevant the deeper you delve into the field of entrepreneurship.


Once you’re satisfied with living with what you’ve got, at least for the time being, you’re now prepared to move on to the next step of the equation. By this I mean intensely visualizing your goals on a daily basis.

Just like with setting S.M.A.R.T. goals for your personal life and business, the abundance mindset requires you to get very specific about what you want and exactly how you’re going to get it.

Set high income goals for yourself on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Next, set loftier goals, such as retiring from your job, taking a sabbatical abroad, or buying a home. Then, work the visualizations of these goals into your daily meditation practice.

To do this, close your eyes and actually create the image in your mind’s eye. Watch yourself reading a book and enjoying coffee in Italy. See yourself turning the key to unlock the front door of your new home.

Keep your eyes on the prize and reject any opportunity that won’t get you closer to that moment you dream of.


Nailing down your goals and posting them up on a board isn’t the end of your visualization.

Sometimes, when we fail to meet our goals, it’s easy to react to that setback by crumpling them up and forgetting about what we have visualized for ourselves. But you certainly won’t become a millionaire that way!

Any time you are faced with a decision to make a purchase, take on a project or partnership, or make some type of big change in your life, ask yourself if it aligns with your larger vision. Is this going to meaningfully grow my business or influence in my field? Will it help me retire from my job, or achieve the comfortable lifestyle I’ve been seeking?

Checking your progress and reaffirming your goals is the last step on the journey to developing a true abundance mindset. As an entrepreneurial spirit, you’ll find that while you may lose many battles in the short term, you can still win the war by having actionable, realistic long-term goals.

Unfortunately for most people, it’s very easy to lose sight of their goals at this part of the process. Charting our own progress can get uncomfortable when the results aren’t what we wanted.


Above all, having a mindset of abundance will help you learn to identify solutions instead of more problems. It’s much more than just a “spiritual theory;” it’s a shift in perspective that opens your mind up to new opportunities.

Think about it: can’t you solve a problem much faster by focusing only on the resources and situation that you already have?

Viewing your life and business issues as solvable puzzles, rather than insurmountable obstacles, is just one practical benefit of living in abundance. Another potential benefit is that your positive attitude will rub off on others, making it much easier for you to negotiate and get your way with colleagues and clients.

Ultimately, having this mindset will require lots of your time and energy. If you want to receive more, you’ll have to learn to give more direct effort to that area of your life, or even give more to the people around you. If you want to make millions, learn to do what other entrepreneurs have done to get there, and even go the extra mile.

Do you think that you could live so meaningfully, being grateful for all of your experiences and thereby attracting more of what you want?

Be cautioned that the abundance mentality isn’t for everyone; only those who desire to succeed and achieve their dreams more than anything.

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