Mental Tips for Success

Mental Tips for SuccessThe world, as we know it, has rapidly become very complex. Technology is advancing faster than we can keep up with, times are hard financially, the kids need more and more things, and your job mentally drains you. Many of us struggle to maintain our sanity at times when we’re mentally fatigued, frustrated, and stressed to the max. Here is some good advice, and good mental tricks from some of the world’s most influential people, that will make your life a bit more manageable and fulfilling. The following list of mental tricks you should incorporate in your daily routine is compiled by University of Michigan’s Health Services Department:

Value yourself

Treat yourself with respect. Take some time to get back to those hobbies you enjoy so much. In this stage, it is important to find the time to do something that makes you feel good.

Take care of your body

Taking care of yourself physically can improve your mental health. Simple things like eating nutritious meals, drinking plenty of water, exercising at least 30 minutes every day, not smoking or drinking excessively, and getting a good night’s sleep will all help keep your body functioning well so your mind is clearer.

Surround yourself with good people

People with strong supporting casts and social connections, are more likely to be healthier than someone without a support system.

Give Back

The feeling you feel when you give back, volunteer, and help someone who could benefit from you is a remarkable feeling. You will feel amazing when you experience helping someone.

Relax your mind

Try meditating or reaching out spiritually through prayer. Relaxation exercises and prayer can improve your state of mind and outlook on life. In fact, research shows that meditation may help you feel calm and enhance the effects of therapy.

Set realistic goals

Decide what you want to achieve academically, professionally and personally, and write down the steps you need to realize your goals. Aim high, but be realistic and don’t over-schedule. You’ll enjoy a tremendous sense of accomplishment and self-worth as you progress toward your goal.

Switch it Up

Everyone has their own routine, but switching it up every now and then could bring more joy and excitement than you realize. After you take that morning run, go for drive and see the countryside, or, go out for breakfast instead staying at home.

Avoid alcohol and other drugs

Do not drink in excess or use drugs. Although this may come as common sense, we don’t realize the actual poisonous effect it has on our body.

Get help when you need it

Seeking help is a sign of strength — not a weakness.

What Not to Do

You just read about some really good mental tricks to stay happy and productive. Many people want to know what they need to do remain in this state. But what not to do could be more beneficial to us all. This list of things to avoid in order to be mentally strong is compiled by Psychotherapist and licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Forbes Contributor, Amy Morin.

  • Waste Time Feeling Sorry for Themselves
    No one else is going to feel sorry for you, so don’t waste the time throwing yourself a “pity party.”
  • Give Away Their Power
    Understand that you are in control of your destiny and emotions. Don’t give others the power to bring you down.
  • Shy Away from Change
    Mentally strong people embrace change and they welcome challenge. Their biggest “fear,” if they have one, is not of the unknown, but of becoming complacent and stagnant. An environment of change and even uncertainty can energize a mentally strong person and bring out their best.
  • Waste Energy on Things They Can’t Control.
    Recognize what you can and can’t control. Control what you, what you can’t, don’t waste energy on.
  • Worry About Pleasing Others
    Strive to be kind and fair, but be your person. Understand that people won’t always agree with you, or may even, get angry with you. Don’t be a people pleaser, feel comfortable with who you are, and don’t sacrifice your happiness for someone else’s.
  • Fear Taking Calculated Risks
    With mental strength, a person can observe the risks and benefits closely, and will fully assess the potential downsides and even the worst-case scenarios before they take action.
  • Dwell on the Past
    Mentally strong people don’t get caught up in past times and glory days. They create opportunities for the present and future.
  • Make the Same Mistakes Over and Over
    Its ok to make a mistake, but we should learn and grow from those mistakes, and not keep making the same mistake. If you keep making the same mistake, you’re not learning, therefore, not advancing in life.
  • Resent Other People’s Success
    We’ve heard the term, “hater” before. We don’t want to be “haters” when it comes to another person’s success, meaning we don’t need to hate them because they’re doing better than us in life. We should learn from success and find out how that person became so successful.
  • Give Up After Failure
    Don’t give up when you fail. Try, try, and try again. Don’t be afraid to fail. If you never try, you’ll never know. If you never know, you’ll never do better.
  • Fear Alone Time
    Mentally strong people enjoy and even treasure the time they spend alone. They use their downtime to reflect, to plan, and to be productive.
  • Feel the World Owes Them Anything
    Mentally strong people do not feel that they are owed something because they have an impressive education and are likeable. Be willing to work, and stay humble and respectful.
  • Expect Immediate Results
    Don’t be impatient. It takes time to build something worthwhile, so you must be in it for the long run. If you always expect it to happen quickly, you’ll be very frustrated.

All of this advice, as well as these useful mental tricks, compiled from two of the most trustworthy, impactful, and influential people and health departments will rejuvenate you. Although it will challenge your mental capacity, don’t let life weigh you down. Adopt these coping skills, and be on your way to mental freedom.

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