Investor Darwinism

Investor DarwinismThis blog is about creative thinking to make things happen rather than about creative real estate investing strategies such as structuring a pre-foreclosure deal, difficult enough because the 800 pound gorilla, the bank, is right in the room, where you arrange a subject 2 agreement. The one where the loan owed remains in the seller’s name but title is conveyed to the investor buyer who makes the payments, fixes the house, and pursues his or her chosen exit strategy. To make something happen by being creative when the other choice is that you don’t or someone else does instead of you. I call it investor Darwinism. Darwinism, of course, is the operative theory of biological evolution with an emphasis on the natural selection of inherited variations that increase the individual’s ability to compete and survive.

To me, investor Darwinism is where you succeed instead of a competitor who succeeds in your stead, someone who has better competitive or survival skills to employ to best you in a given situation. Sometimes it is taking on a risk on marketing a less than perfect piece of real estate, especially in a challenging market, or under a particularly challenging set of circumstances. Applying a savvy marketing or sales technique such as a round robin auction may be the jet fuel to move that challenged piece of real estate.

I got to thinking about this over the holidays when I came upon an article on the origins of the phrase “thinking outside the box” which referred to a puzzle that challenged folks to connect nine dots arranged in four straight lines in a box. For a person to complete the puzzle, what is required is drawing two lines, both outside the box. What the phrase has come to mean, however, is to make things happen that may not otherwise happen without a burst of inspired sales or marketing creativity. It is all about pushing a little harder and coming up with something more creative, or a tad riskier, that might have not otherwise developed.

It is a mindset calculation and all about considering how something can be done instead of how something cannot be done. It is a positive way of facing the seemingly impossible and creating a solvable way to get things done. Many of civilization’s greatest accomplishments were discovered this way. Progress is seldom complacent, following the same safe path over and again, but the result of imagination, innovation, and actionable implementation. It is being a creative thinker, brainstorming with your team or mentor, then taking action. It is avoiding the sales or marketing slog. It is the mindset of casting off the chains that bind you, the fog that envelopes you, and allows you the freedom to step away from old ideas, experiences, and attitudes that may be holding you back. It is expansively viewing things from a new and fresh perspective, one outside the box. It is having an unfettered, unbiased, and open mindset to avoid that stubborn persistence and resistance that boxes you in. It is avoiding those pattern-making habits that obscure and limit productivity and success. It may a mindset of working a problem backwards or turning a problem upside down and approaching from a different angle to solve the seemingly unsolvable.

It is thinking outside the proverbial box to reach your highest potential and opening your mind to that creative breakthrough that may be staring you right in the face. Like Darwin’s survival of the fittest corollary, it is having your creative juices flow and then implementing your desire to succeed with the creative ability to change as conditions change and achieve the very success you seek.

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