phone-550Having the skill set to master your phone skills as a real estate investor is a key ingredient in being successful from generating and pre-qualifying leads to closing deals.

Learning to master phone conversions are needed to excel in real estate. This is how professionals turn phone calls into deals. Some recommend investors should take live calls as often as possible and ” ditch the script”. Also sound advice, to be sure the use of a script must be considered in proper context.

Depending upon your chosen investing niche and marketing efforts that lead to your particular lead generation funnel, and the very nature and purpose of the calls that do come in, some helpful tips are certainly in order.

Having a game plan, an agenda to follow, or an objective in mind, allows you to be able to control the call from the outset in a most comfortable, friendly, professional way. You need to focus on a mental “definition of purpose” so you can easily direct, manage, and guide the caller to the point you seek to take the caller. The prospective client knows why they are calling you and your focused efforts will save wasted time, allowing you to separate the prospects from the pretenders. It is often helpful to have in mind how you would identify your most favored client and the steps you need to take to gather the information you seek to achieve your objectives. You need to quickly and concisely identify the needs and thrust of that call coming to you. Having a handy standard property information form/checklist so may gather all the salient contact and property information and not forget items you may need can be helpful.

I employ a “smart” formula for my purposes. Make sure your goals are specific and clearly defined in terms of what information you require, what you need to convey, and what you must learn, the goals must be measurable so you can confirm the results of your efforts and strategize for future reference. They must be actionable. You must have the ability to act, then do so. Your goals must be realistic and finally, timely. You must know when your objective must be accomplished.

It is always best to field any calls live or return them almost immediately. More leads are lost because calls are either not made live or immediately followed up. Statistics indicate you are nine times as likely to convert a call in lead within five minutes of the call. Likewise, the longer it takes you to call that call in back, the greater the chance there will never be any connection. 50% of voice mails are either never followed up or returned when you do call back. Moreover, many motivated callers never leave a voice mail at all.

Ditch the script is sound advice. It is okay to have one for recalling bullet points, to guide the conversation, items to emphasize or cover, but never read from a script. You invariably will come off as insincere, impersonal, and robotic. Use the caller’s name but not too often. Ask friendly open ended questions. In the opening minutes, build some rapport. Get a conversation going. Be friendly and real. Ask “So what made you call today?” No closed ended responses.  More than a mere yes or no. Be positive, never take offense, and make sure you understand the caller’s hot buttons, then address them, solve their problem. Make sure to sum up any actions you agree upon.

If you cannot take the calls directly, using an answering service or virtual assistant to field them will make a considerable difference in having a solid connection.

Keep in mind when you take that call, your purpose is to seize a connection and pre-qualify them. You want to recoup as much of your marketing expenses with profitable deals as you can. You need to master phone conversion.

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