Grenada: Tiny Island, Big Adventure

Grenada: Tiny Island, Big AdventureReal estate investors appreciate an excellent location when they find one. Whether its a spot for their next investment or just a trip for leisure, a good place makes all the difference. When it comes to gorgeous scenery, a welcoming community, and the ultimate waterfront travel lifestyle, Grenada does not disappoint. An island with a rich history, impressive architecture and fascinating culture, Grenada offers a once-in-a-lifetime Caribbean experience for visitors of all ages.

About The Island

Grenda’s history dates back to the mid-1700’s, and it’s easy to spot the French, East Indian and African influences in all aspects of the island. Grenada is 12 miles wide and 21 miles long and sits 100 miles north of Venezuela. With a very mild climate year-round, Grendas is almost always a warm and tropical paradise. The rainy season is from June to December, and the average temp sits at a comfortable 75 degrees for most of the year.

It’s common to hear the soothing sounds of Calypso music throughout the island, and the island hosts parties and festivals during the year to celebrate different historical milestones. The primary language is English, but it’s not uncommon to hear locals speaking in French-African Patois. The small island is surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean and is a popular boating, swimming and fishing spot. Grenada has thriving arts and music scene, and locals and tourists alike enjoy participating in community events such as sports, theatre, dance, and art.

Grenada is part of the Spice Islands, along with Carriacou and Petite Martinique. The Spice Islands produce many of the world’s most popular spices, including nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger. You can find all of these spices at different market stalls and shops throughout the island. Pick some up and add them to your dinner for an authentic taste of the Caribbean.

Most Popular Attractions

There are certain things about Grenada that you just can’t miss. While we always recommend exploring the local culture, the tourist attractions are worth the visit.

Grand Anse Beach is a picturesque beach that defines what it means to visit a tropical island. With the beautiful clear ocean waters, the rolling mountains in the backdrop and the soft, white sand, this gorgeous beach is a must-see when visiting the island. Relax in the sand and enjoy a good book, or slather on some sunscreen and take a cat nap in the sun. Midway down the beach is the Anse Spice Market, a charming and authentic Caribbean market where you can pick up some community staples.

St. George’s is a photographer’s paradise. This stunning waterfront town features colorful architecture that pops up against the blue water, the classic boats coming in and out of the harbor, and the way the cerulean sea reflects the sky, it’s like stepping into a postcard. Tucked up against volcanic hills of the island, this harbor is home to two historic forts, Fort George and Fort Frederick. Along the quiet streets of St. George’s, amongst the quaint red-tile roofed structures, you’ll find locals selling spices and crafts. Follow your nose to the House of Chocolate or get immersed in the culture on a Saturday morning in the hustle and bustle of the St. George Market Square

A great way to beat the heat is to dive into Grenada’s underwater sculpture park, an underwater art gallery of life-size statues and structures that can be seen from the comfort of a glass bottom boat. Want to get up close and personal? Strap on your scuba or diving equipment and head down for an immersive underwater experience.

The Forts are a cool way to experience the rich history of the island. Fort Frederick and Fort George offer a unique perspective of the island. The views from the top are fantastic, and worth the treacherous hike to the top.

Hidden Local Spots

If you like touristy-stuff but love experiencing a new place like a local, there are a few tremendous secret spots that you’ll fall in love with.

Rocky’s Unwind Bar is the most authentic beach bar on the island. The no-frills, laid-back vibe combined with a friendly staff and fresh food creates the perfect vacation ambiance.

Venture down to Melville Street and see if you can find a seat at the Creole Shack. The name suits it perfectly, as it’s a tiny place with a big flavor. Have a beer overlooking the water, and someone at the table must order the garlic fish!

The Patty Shack is another tucked-away favorite specializing in soul food made in an itty bitty kitchen with reggae music playing in the background! Try it if you can find it.

After you’ve had your fill on some of the best food in the Caribbean, head to Annandale, hike the trails, and explore the dramatic waterfalls!

From spicy soul food to cascading waterfalls, Grenada offers an authentic Caribbean experience. With a culture of friendly and welcoming people, an eclectic arts and music scene, breathtaking scenery and a rich and vibrant history, this island is must for travelers who want to feel like they’re a million miles from meetings and deadlines and rush hour traffic.

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