sell-yourselfAre you sold on you? Seems like an easy enough question right? Well, how would you answer that if I asked you right now? For many investors I talk to they cannot jump and say “Yes, 110% I know I’m the best solution for the seller.” And if that has ever described you, and you aren’t completely confident you are the best solution for the seller’s problem, then you will miss opportunities, and never reach your full potential as an investor. In this article, we will explore why some investors aren’t sold on themselves, and what you can to make sure that you are always sold on you.

You see there are several problems with not being sold on you. Among them are not getting the seller to go with your offer, paying too much for the property, and having the deal fall apart at the last minute to name a few. So let’s discuss a couple of reasons investors aren’t sold on themselves.

First, investors are not sold on themselves because they are not confident they have all the knowledge they need to complete the transaction. Solving this problem is very easy for our investors, because all of my programs are so detailed, the challenge is that buying the course and studying the course are not the same. You have to open up and study the course, review the DVDs, come to my event and engage so that you can gain the specialized knowledge that builds confidence. Specialized knowledge allows you to increase your confidence and be sold on you. Now, that doesn’t mean attend every seminar under the sun and become a professional seminar goer, it means to study the material until your use of that material becomes second nature. For some of you, you may want to investigate hiring a coach.

The second problem we see with investors who are not sold on them, is they haven’t practiced speaking in front of sellers or role playing to where they are confident with their presentation. Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly until you can get good at it – so practice your appointments with a spouse, a friend, a neighbor and ask the person supporting you to actually pretend that they are the seller – you will get incredible insights into what you will actually find with sellers when you go on actual appointments. Using this solution is another way to build your confidence in selling you.

The final problem we see investors having is that they aren’t sold that their solution to the seller’s problem is the best option for the seller. While you might think this is the same as the first problem, it’s actually quite different. As you know in creative real estate, the goal is to focus on and find a solution for, the seller’s problem. When an investor is not sure that their offer is best one for the seller, then getting the seller to believe that becomes almost impossible. To solve this problem, use the case studies in your course and the other material to practice creating different scenarios that will allow you to come up with win-win solutions to the seller’s situation. Once you develop your skill at creating winning solutions, your ability to be sold on you instantly increases!

Becoming sold on you should be the game of every investor. With sellers feeling they have options to selling their homes, it’s imperative that investors be both competent in their subject matter, and confident in their rapport and presentation skills to achieve maximum results. If you are not, use the suggestions above to educate yourself and build confidence until you become sold on you. Remember, the seller won’t be sold on doing business with you until you are sold on doing business with you!

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