bunrrrDid you know that 70% of adults say work is the biggest source of stress in their life? Americans are known for working long hours and skipping out on their well-deserved vacation hours. As a result, workplace burnout is becoming more and more common. There’s a difference between a bad day at work and burnout. Burnout is caused by chronic stress and causes a number of emotional and/or physical symptoms.


Let’s look at some signs of burnout:

  • You lose your temper or snap at your co-workers
  • You feel exhausted when you come home from work
  • You fantasize about quitting your job
  • You can’t remember the last time you had a good day at work
  • You don’t care about your job duties anymore
  • You don’t feel motivated

If you’ve experienced any of these signs, you may be at risk for a burnout. However, this doesn’t mean you have to immediately give up or quit your job. Here, we’ll share some expert tips to help you prevent burning out. Make sure to share this article with any co-workers who you feel may be experiencing any of these burnout signs.

Spend time on a weekly basis with positive people.
At least once a week, spend time with people who inspire positivity and make you feel happy. Schedule Friday night dinners or Sunday brunches or hump day coffee dates. Whatever you do, surround yourself with positive people. When you spend time with these friends, focus on the good; don’t complain or vent as that will only make you feel more stressed. However, you can ask friends and family for support, asking for their advice about your situation at work if you’re unhappy.

Actively try to find solutions.
Take some time to assess your situation. What is it about your job that makes you unhappy? What do you wish you were doing? How do you envision your “dream” job and are you on the path to achieving that? Try to find the root of your discontent and actively work toward changing the situation.

Have some “me” time every day.
It doesn’t have to me more than five minutes, but it’s important for you to spend some quality time with yourself. Take a short walk around the office building. Grab a cup of coffee. Meditate before going to bed. Whatever you do, spend some peace and quiet alone with yourself.

Take a vacation once a year.
Every year, force yourself to take time off from work and go on a vacation. It can even be a “stay”cation, if you’re on a budget. You don’t have to spend money to take time off from work and enjoy a few days away. The goal of your vacation is to recharge and see things from a new angle. Whether you take an exotic cruise or just enjoy time at home, don’t think about work and only focus on enjoying your time off.

Take up a new hobby or second job.
To decompress from work, take up a new hobby that you’ve always wanted to try. Preferably, try a hobby that requires exercise, which will boost endorphins and inspire feelings of happiness. Another option is to take on a second job, whether it’s freelance work or investing in real estate. While this may seem like it would cause more stress, taking up a side job that you enjoy may energize you to work harder at your primary job.

If none of these tips work, it’s important to realize when you’ve officially lost all passion for your job and it’s time to change careers or jobs. Life’s too short to be miserable and there are a number of other jobs and careers out there you for which you may be better fit. If you enjoy what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

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