5 Benefits of Deep Breathing

5 benefits of deep breathingHow’s your breath at the moment? Do you even notice the pace and depth with which you are pulling in oxygen? If you haven’t begun to take notice of how much your breathing style affects your day-to-day, I’m here to enlighten you.

Deep breathing techniques are so important for our mental and physical health – and yet so many of us charge through our weekdays without even pausing for a moment to check our comfort level. Adjusting your breathing throughout the day will help you to be a more mindful person and professional.

Through science, taking deep and purposeful breaths has been shown to be a “built-in stress mechanism” for the human body. The process of slowing down the breath actually works to regulate release of stress hormones and other physiological processes that hamper us in our personal and professional lives. It’s a wellness tactic you should definitely be using as a smart real estate investor.

Read on for five concrete reasons to start practicing your deep breathing today.

It’s Amazing for the Morning

As entrepreneurs and real estate investors, something that many of us have in common is that we are constantly trying to take control of our time – especially the hectic morning hours. A mindful breathing practice can definitely help make this happen for you.

Deep breathing techniques are used by many people during their morning meditations to ground the mind and better prepare the body for the demands of the day. Doing this enriches the bloodstream and the brain with oxygen.

Practicing healthy breathing techniques, in the morning hours specifically, can help set a more even and focused pace for the rest of your day. You’ll be feeling more comfortable physically, and likely will feel more mentally prepared to take on your business.

So, skip the long coffee shop line – relax in some quiet breathing instead.

It Relaxes the Mind

The practice of meditation is difficult for many new entrepreneurs to get into, and for good reason.

The fast-paced and demanding lifestyle of a new business owner (or real estate investor) doesn’t leave much time to sit, relax and contemplate life. However, our community would be so much better off if more of us took the time to center our minds before we go out and do our work for the day. We often take a deep breath when we are trying to overcome a frustrating situation. Why not do it throughout the day to avoid that sense of frustration altogether?

Be a nicer, calmer, and more successful person by achieving your perfect “flow state” with deep meditative breathing techniques.

It Aids in Digestion

There’s a whole humongous segment of the population right now who is oblivious to some very helpful wellness information.

So many suffer with symptoms of indigestion, cramping and bloating which can’t easily be medicated, but can easily be mitigated by a solid breathing practice. If you’re an entrepreneurial spirit who struggles with these physical symptoms, then you know it can be difficult to be your most savvy and productive self while your digestive system is out of whack.

It’s well-known that drawing breathe deeply into the diaphragm acts as a massage for the digestive tract while supplying that system of the body with ample oxygen to do its job. That way, you can accomplish your job without those small but nagging symptoms.

Its Effects Are Contagious

How do you think other people will react and respond to your demeanor, once you start practicing healthy breathing on a regular basis?

Well, since you’ll be on a calm, focused, low-stress frequency, odds are that people will gravitate to your unique energy. Clients, business partners and even financial reps you deal with daily as a real estate investor may suddenly seem to trust you more.

The fact is that the power of deep breathing will center you and better prepare you to deal with the responsibilities of your day. People around you will notice and be drawn to your vibration. This will make all your business and real estate ventures much more lucrative in the long run!

You Can Practice

If you’ve never practiced deep breathing techniques, now is a great time to start learning about the various ways you can do so as part of your routine.

Now, by all of this, I don’t mean just pausing and taking a nice deep breath every once in a while. Breathing exercises must become a part of your daily health and wellness practice. That is, if you really want to be a strong, stress-free, and successful entrepreneur.

To practice deep breathing techniques, take some initiative with your own personal health. Yoga classes are a great setting to begin learning about how your breath and body work together. There are also informational books, YouTube videos and digital audio guides that can help you learn how to perform key breathing exercises.

Perhaps you think it’s a gross overestimation that simply changing the way that you breathe can make a significant difference in the way you feel. Think of it this way: on the mental side, it’s not so much the breathing that’s the goal, as it is the self-awareness you gain from it.

We could all use a little more grounding energy in our lives, especially as we deal with one another in the real world of business.

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